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In re our current increment of the Ninth Doctor Timeline....

*options for seguing into the next action sequence*Collapse )

So, Trace and Rose. How about it?


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insaneizzi, here's a let's-plot area for the Secondary Second Doctor Timeline.

The lowdown so far....Collapse )
Would you like to start the first thread, or shall I?
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Sorry for dropping off the face of the world there. LSAT preparations pwnd my brain for a time. I am, however, back now, and tracethenurse and I would like to round off the Ninth Doctor Timeline. Edit: the NEW active thread is currently here!

RecapCollapse )

Only one mystery remains unsolved: who has been holding the Thal city under mass hypnosis and taking over all its medical facilities? It wasn't Jabrill, and the Raganall are only here for the twist. At this point, we're looking for either a home-grown tyrant or (hint hint) an extraplanetary villain whose machinations have not yet been revealed.

So who wants to join in? Do we still have a Rose and a Jack?

Edit: I'd like to plot a finish for this timeline and wrap the story up with a bang. Who's with me?
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Hey did everyone else  in the 9 timeline go on holiday or something?  Also, FYI, should you come back before then, I will not have computer access for most of the week of August 27-31, 2007.  I'm going away to New York on holiday.
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Okay, VERY sorry to everyone in the Eighth and Ninth timelines. I've been sick in the recent months and I haven't been allowed near the internet :(

Anyway, I'm back now.

Are the Eight-ers still interested? And do the Nine-ers still need the services of the Rani for a later timeline?

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Hello you lot! I'm Lil, and I'm barreling in here to make my little introduction. :) I'm taking over Rose in the Ninth Doctor storyline, and I'm very excited to be here. I took over the journal and everything so the username will be the same, and..yes! I'm really bad at introductions, but I'm friendly and I'm really looking forward to being in this game.

I'm also very open to roleplays and storylines, AUs and really anything. I'm fun, I promise. :)

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Well, it looks like everyone who wanted has had their fun with the Eye of Orion idea. It would be nice if we could somehow cobble up a brief coda, but otherwise we can wrap the whole thing up and go our separate ways. Thanks for the ride!

As for the Ninth Doctor Timeline, I'm game for continuing it (however slowly) until the end, so say hello to the sixth timeline thread: With Doom They Come!


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There are currently two Eye of Orion Timeline threads:

TIMELINE TWO: Over the Hill

Feel free to join the threads and mess about!

Additionally, we never really got a consensus for when this activity starts and ends. I had assumed that a specific window for gameplay would make it easier to handle, but maybe not. Input, anyone?

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*cheers* Five people have signed in, so it looks like we're in business! [[Edit: and just because Photoshop was right there, here's a banner for the story!]]

The characters for the Eye of Orion Timeline are thus far:
Harry Sullivan
Jack Harkness
Jo Grant
Jo LeCora
Ninth Doctor
Second Doctor
Trace the Nurse
Victoria Waterfield

Does anybody have a preference as to when the timeline should start? Next week isn't so good for me, because I'll be preparing for some major tests, but this week or the week of the 25th is fine. We've already had a vote for "not July". XD

Any other characters out there? Feel free to sign up!

And now... let"s have some PLOT. XDCollapse )
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My fellow 9 Timeline players and I were wondering if anyone's still hanging on to this community. Most of the timelines seem to have stopped. It's a pity; the place was great while it lasted. But if there's anybody left who hasn't departed for greener pastures or darker vortexes, any miscellaneous character whose player doesn't feel like giving up the game, this post is for you.

In lieu of separate timelines for each era, I propose...

..the Eye of Orion.Collapse )

Since we're all busy people, this event will have definite limits: a sign-up, a starting date, and a four-day gamespan, at the end of which everyone who wants to can fold up their tents, wrap up their character arcs, and steal away without the uncomfortable feeling of leaving an unfinished plot. If you're interested, please respond by June 20th to let us know you're here! Leave a comment with your lj name, your characters' identities, and the reason they're on the Eye. If we get five more players by then, an Eye of Orion Timeline post will appear on rpgwho. If not, no hard feelings, and we'll see you around the internet.

Characters who will be attendingCollapse )
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